Legends of Nydierien

Eleint 8-10, 841

The journey begins

The beginning of what nobody knew would be a lifelong journey that will always be remembered began on the eighth day of Eleint, year 841. Several people from various regions in Nydierien were recruited to work for Modal on a somewhat ambiguous mission. They consisted of a Dragonborn warlock named Xenotet, a Water Genasi druid name Kailani, a monk Aarakocran named Aiur, a Dragonborn paladin and soldier named Xarzith, and a human ranger named Leo.

They met together for the first time on a large cargo ship, heading for an icy island name Coldarra south of the continent. They were told that they would be tasked to go on a rescue mission, and nothing else. When they arrived in Coldarra, they were met by an encampment of sorts, protected by a large dome shaped ward. The commander of the encampment soon approached the party after their arrival and quickly debriefed the party of the situation: white dragons were attacking the Nexus Spire, a place where war magic is studied far away from any human civilization to prevent the possible harm of anyone or thing. These white dragons were told to strike nightly, and any agents sent in to learn the cause have never returned. The party learned that they must also go to this tower and try to rescue any agents that may yet still hold onto life.

Reluctantly, the party agreed after they were told they would be compensated for this perilous quest, and set out the next day after they acquired any supplies they needed. Xarzith and Auir had trouble sleeping, and two enormous white dragons attacked the encampment in the middle of the night, but soon gave up against the strength of the force held ward.

When morning rose, everyone departed the area and set off into the cold tundra wasteland, straight for the silhouette of the Nexus Spire. They came into their troubles, whether that be stray polar bears or vast crevices blocking the way, but soon, they made it. They decided to take rest behind one of the many large ice dunes for the night, as they traveled many tiresome and frigid miles to get to where they were.

During the night, they once again heard the dragons soar above them, but were thankfully left unnoticed. The next morning, the party darted towards the Spire and entered a completely town asunder building. Books burnt to ash as well as trinkets frozen in place littered every floor of the Nexus, except the last floor. The top floor.

When the top floor was finally reached, an ethereal icy blue portal was found that lead to another dimension. Xarzith entered with hesitation, and the rest of the party followed..



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