Legends of Nydierien

Eleint 11, 841

Into the Portal

As the party followed Xarzith through the portal, the party was overwhelmed by an icy shiver, straight to the core. Before their eyes, they saw that there were floating on a large plane, looking into a vast, dark void of nothingness.

Quickly coming to their senses, they all noticed a man garbed in dark black training several baby white dragons. The party intervened and swiftley struck the man down. Xarzith, being able to speak Draconic, intimidated two of the baby dragons to lead them down the many hallways that could be seen on this plane.

The party was lead down one hallway, and found two of the agents from Modal completely frozen, standing straight up. The agents had a look of fear about them, but it was impossible to tell if they were still alive or dead.

Keeping this in mind, the party reluctantly continued forward to see if they could find out more about this mysterious area beyond the portal. They ran into two more people garbed in dark black, summoning a blood imp. The blood imp struck out at Aiur and poisoned him, dealing a great amount of damage.

The party took to arms and killed the two warlocks, and readied themselves to attack the imp, but noticed that it had disapeared. A few moments later it appeared in midair, fleeing from the encounter. Xarzith commanded the baby dragons to strike the imp down, and so they did.

However, what Xarzith did not take into consideration was the fact that the blood imp was poisonous, and although the imp was killed by the dragons, they slowly died and fell to the ground due to their low constitution.

The party continued forward. In the next room, they found a sleeping white dragon wyrmling, easily larger than both of the dragonbornes combined. They snuck past it and kept moving on. The next area was littered with frozen trees planted into the cold hard stone ground, and had a frozen over pool of water glowing in a flourescent blue. Two more Modal agents were also here, one lying on the ground and the other standing up, both frozen to death.

The party took attraction to the pool of water, and after tapping it to try and discover its properties for sometime, Xarzith’s fickle patience led to him jumping into the pool. To his discovery, he felt invigorated, and the rest of the party took note of this and filled their waterskins.

After this pool party endeavor, they walked through the frozen trees into the next room down the hallway. At the end of the room, a man was working with many potions at a table. He was wearing a black and red robe with a large hood, and introduced himself as Sloves Tarmon. After a moment of mockery from Sloves, the party engaged into combat with him.

Sloves easily strafed away from their blows, and conjured a sword in midair that he controlled, stabbing into each party member, nearly killing them. After several actions, Sloves began to look beat. With his last final moments, he blinked away from the encounter and teleported away.

The party went to his work stations and found many vials filled with either a deep green liquid, or an inky black liquid. They stored this carefully in their backpacks to give to the Commander when they returned. Leo also found a key next to one of the vials on the table.

On their way back, they decided to go back to the sleeping dragon, as Kailani recalled that she saw a door on the other side of him. Walking back to this door, Xenotet took notice of a face inside of one of the frozen trees. It was identified as a Dryad, except for the fact that it looked like it was in a deep anger, and was completely black. They party poored one of the black vials on the tree, and it began to melt away and disintegrate the frozen tree.

They also did this on one of the agents, hoping that the ice would melt away to try and save one of their lives. Although the ice did melt away, as soon as some of the liquid fell into the agent’s mouth, his eyes began to glaze over in black, and remained lifeless.

Leaving the scene immediately, they ran into the dragon. The beast was awake at this time from all of the noise the party made previously, and they began combat. After laying traps and keeping the wyrmling at a distance, they came to a victory. Walking over its huge corpse, they left for the door.

Leo attempted to open the door with the newly found key, and it unlocked with ease. A narrow, long hallway was lain before them, with another door at the end.

After walking down the hallway and through the door, they party found a study room of sorts. A table was in the middle of the room with various scrolls and tomes strewn about, almost as if someone was frantically shuffling through them beforehand. A small lantern hung on the wall lit by a black flame lit the room, and a cloak was on the back of the chair. Leo took the cloak and Aiur took the lantern, to identify at a later time. The party found a scroll of Dispell Magic on the table, and that was about it.

They left, back through the portal after finding out about this plane of existence, and made their way back through the tundrous terrain to see the commander.

After a day of travelling, they finally made it back. They relayed the information about the dead agents, Sloves Tarmon, and the potions. Xenotet persuaded the Commander that they deserved a nice reward, so the Commander gave them each 50 gold, as well a license to fly into and out of Modal by gryphon.

The party stayed the night at the encampment, and after the supply ship came the next morning with gryphons, they set out on their new journey together to Modal.



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